nepotizmfilms, launched in 2013, is the collaborative union of Hollywood Producers, Theresa Marth and Penny Edmiston.  They are the ying, to each others yang, and have over 2 years of successful collaborative projects together.


Penny Edmiston is an award-winning filmmaker enthralled by the process of fleshing out an idea into a compelling story that reaches out to an audience and gets inside their hearts and minds.
Behind her is a successful career of producing commercials, stills and documentaries such as Bones Brigade directed by Stacy Peralta. She continues to win awards for the documentary film UnFit: Ward vs. Ward which she wrote and co-directed.
With many television and documentary projects in development, she hopes to continually be inspired by content, corn-dogs and the bigger picture.  Affectionately known to her crew as “Penster”, she resides in Los Angeles, California with her Boxer, Maya.
Contact Penny at:  penny@nepotizmfilms.com


theresaTheresa Marth is a reputable Emmy and Golden Lion nominated Producer.  She has a reputation of delivering commercials and promos that hit home with clients and viewers.  Consistently completing projects on time and on budget, has led her to be requested by top Ad agencies and Production companies time and again.
A hands-on leader who reliably foresees problems and creates timely solutions.  A masterful connector and adept communicator who keeps the crewinspired and on task while maintaining high client satisfaction, even if it takes a surprise visit from the ‘popsicle lady’ or ‘hot dog truck’ to keep her crew working with a smile.  Known for creating complete crew harmony on set while always adding a “please” or “thank you” to complete her requests.
Extensive experience producing and bidding large scale travel jobs in the United States and abroad.  Referred to affectionately by her loyal crew as “T” or “Tree”, she resides in Los Angeles, California with her “pack”, Bella, Baxter and Bailey.
Contact Theresa at:  theresa@nepotizmfilms.com